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Spring is in the air at the Zoofari.

Drove west on I-80 out of Omaha this weekend, for a stop at the Henry Doorly Zoo’s Zoofari. Spring is in the air at the Zoofari. Only about half of the buffalo were out and about. It looked like they have are giving some of them their privacy, I would assume for calving season. Hopefully we will see the pitter patter of little hooves running up and down the hillside.

Of course there is much more to see and we plan on visiting throughout the summer.

Why visit the Zoo in December you ask?

This is one reason. It’s in the off season that you really get to take your time and enjoy “Being” at the Zoo. There are no crowds to wait for, move around, or stand in line waiting for other to move out of your way. It’s only now in the dead of winter that you can take time to sit and watch in peace and quite, to see really see how the animal behave. If you think there is no differnce, than you have not been at the Zoo on a quite day.


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