One reason the Zoo is so hot, is because it gets hot in the summer.  Ok, really, there is more reason than that.  The one thing I have come to really like about the Henry Doorly Zoo, is that it is a ZOO in constant change and growth.  Just like anyone else, I tend to get a little bored with seeing the same thing over and over again if there isn’t anything new or different.   Well, that is the true beauty of Henry Doorly.  Each and every year, for only about the last 20 years, this living and breathing collection of natures wild-life has continued to morf into something just a little different.  We moved to Omaha in the early 80’s and since that time, there has been a new Giraffe building, a new bear grotto, new aquarium building, new carousel for the kiddies, new monkey islands, new Gorilla house, new Orangutan building,  new indoor jungle, new desert dome, new kids pavilion building,  well…. you get the idea.   Plus, you mustn’t forget that there were a good number of things to see before then.  One small example is seen below.  Just a little over a year ago, you could see what appeared to be a mistake in the application of cement.  What continued to grow, was a very realistic looking tree from which was suspended a web of netting which would end up housing a troop of primates who love climbing in the sun, much to the joy of the spectators at the viewing platform.Allways Changing   Did I say, “If visiting Omaha, don’t miss visiting the zoo!”