Safari is normally a term you would apply to to just about anywhere other than Nebraska, but thanks to the  Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo it now does.

Just a short 30 minute drive Southwest of Omaha, high on a hill, back of the waters of the Platte River, you will find another branch of the Henry Doorly Zoo.  Inside the containment fence you will find a Safari of sights to see from within the safety of your own vehicle.  Starting your drive you will go past a herd of Elk.  Leaving this particular Fields of Dreams, you go through a section containing White Tailed deer.


Next you enter an area denoted as “Wetlands”.  Though You expect to spot perhaps a bird or two, who would expect;



Leaving the Pelicans behind you continued on down the gravel road until you come upon a a large pull over area providing access to some foot trails into the surrounding hillsides.

What you find up the board walk trail are some area’s containing a few of our feathered friends for your viewing pleasure, assuming you are able to spot them from the background. 

Horned and Barn Owls are a few of the birds you will get a chance to get a look at.

But what lays ahead is an area in which your Safari trails will bring you up close and personal with a couple of the larger members of the Midwest’s selection of outdoor wildlife.


Where am I?


 Walking past a Native American trial sign, you will see a family of Black Bears and a wild wolf pack.   Seeing these animals up close, you will appreciate the very tall fences complete with barb-wire and electrified fencing along the top.  They are there for a reason.




Did I mention that there are Moose and Buffalo yet to be seen.  Ah, but that’s a discussion and perhaps a few photo’s for next time.  So, feeling like getting away!  Take a Safari in Nebraska, Thanks to the Henry Doorly Zoo Wildlife Safari!