A Penguin-in-hand. Well almost!


Who does not love Penguins?  Why nobody who enjoys the zoo anyway.  There is something about a bird that cannot fly in the air, but can perform some of the greatest water based aerobatics to be seen anywhere.  They have the ability to accelerate like a jet leaving the deck of a carrier when they hit the water.  But once on deck, just like the jet fighter, they are limited to lumbering around the deck in total relative slow motion as compared to their waterbatic’s (it’s a word.  Maybe not a real word but it could be).

   Here the grandson almost has a penguin in his hand.  The zoo’s penguin exhibit has one of those glass domes, which extends into the water, allowing kids and older people alike the chance to feel like you are almost in the water with them.  Well except for the part where you are all wet and cold, as the water is maintained at a nice natural Antarctic temperature…. Burrrrrrrr.


 A Penguin-in-hand.  Well almost!