What do a Siberian Tiger and a Groundhog have in common?  How about predicting the weather?

Today was February second, otherwise known as Groundhog Day.  Everyone knows about Punxsutawney Phil out at Gobbler’s Knob, somewhere in PA land.  Well, if you haven’t heard, Phil did see his shadow, so we are in for another six weeks of winter.

What you may not know, is the the Henry Doorly Zoo also has a prognosticator who is able to tell the future as well.  As it turns out, his name is Khuntami, a 16 year old Siberian Tiger.  In this case, Khuntami does not rely on seeing a shadow, but instead relies on what bowl it choses to eat is meal from.  White bowl is six more weeks of winter, green bowl is only six more weeks until spring. 

Siberian tiger


 Special thanks to www.chadrad.com for the image above.

For more information please see:  http://www.chadrad.com/newsstory.cfm?story=13071