You may have recently heard or read, about a little misshape between one Lion and one Veterinarian.  The lion had been put under, to allow the veterinarian the opportunity to provide some medical care.  Unfortunately, the anesthetic wore off before the vet was finished.  In what appears to be a reflective action, the lion did a quick triple chomp, on the doctors arm.  The good news is, the doc appears to have not suffered perminate damage and will hopefully fully recovery.

   This is of cource one more example of “Wild Animals at the Zoo”.  There is a reason that all zoo’s, including Henry Doorly Zoo, take extreme measures to make sure these wild animals remain separated from the people.  That’s me and you, just in case you are wondering.  As much fun as it might seem to  reach out across handrails to reach the cage bars, “Don’t Do It”!  One bite from a 200 pound cat will not only hurt, it will put Holes in your body!  When they say you are near a wild animal, they are not kidding. 

    So, please enjoy the zoo and walking safely among all the animals.  If you really need to fill the urge to touch an animal, take a walk past the Desert Dome, past the Cat House, and down the hill to the Dairy Farm area.  There you will find much more domesticated animals which you and your kids can touch and pet.  But do watch children so they do not put fingers inside a goat’s mouth, as though it might be an accident, they can still bite.

Not too long ago, there was another reminder these animals are wild. 

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