This is the big week of the College World Series Baseball here at Omaha.  Omaha’s Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium is located right next door to the Henry Doorly Zoo.   This will be one of the last years that the games are played in this location, as there is a new stadium being build on the north side of the downtown area.  Though there are many years of baseball history, the the expense of moving to a new stadium is controversial, I for one am happy that the Zoo will be gaining some more acreage.

    Almost each years for that past decade, the Zoo has been adding on with new building, new exhibits and attractions.  Each weekend, you will find a huge overflow of vehicles parked over in the Rosenblatt parking lot.  This of course means that during this and the next weekend, you can forget about finding a parking spot to go visit the Zoo.  The good side of this, is that many new people get to learn that there is a great zoo located next to the ball park.  Perhaps they will take an extra day or two to visit it and learn what those of us have learned.

    As things change here in Omaha, and baseball relocates closer to downtown, I look forward to seeing what great things will grow into the footprint of the Rosenblatt.  We will likely see the site transformed into something which will not only provide weekend excitement, but activities to be experienced year round, rain or shine, snow or blue skies.  I look forward to seeing and sharing with each of you the future sights at the Henry Doorly Zoo.