These photo’s where taken in early March 2016.  The Henry Doorly Zoo was in the finishing phases of major upgrade.  Not only has the zoo imported a family of Elephants, they have helped provide a home for elephants that likely would have been poached in their native homeland.  Though it is said that there is still a market for ivory, it is heartwarming to know that there are people and places like Henry Doorly, who are working to provide a safe home for these majestic animals.   In honor of elephants of past, there is a new Bronze statue of a North American Mammoth, that can be seen near the newly remodeled pond near the sea lion area.


I will soon be posting July images of this same general area, to include the new remodeled outdoor elephant area, as well as the new lion mountain area.

Just when you thought the Henry Doorly Zoo cannot get better, it does!

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