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   It’s that time of year again, when the temps start to once again climb into what is cool in Texas.  70’s may not seem that warm to many, but to us here in Omaha Nebraska, 70’s are a perfect time to start thinking about a visit to the Henry Doorly for some nature sight-seeing.   We stopped over just a couple of weeks ago and it was only about 55 degrees, and a bit on the wet side.  But it was still nice to take a walk around the zoo and see who was out and about.

   It was still a little too cold for a number of the outdoor exhibits, but that’s ok, as over half of everything can be found indoors!   Once we start sticking up around 80, we should find area’s such as the Madagascar outdoor section open once again.  Currently everyone was still hanging out indoors.  Around the Gorilla house, everyone there was also still indoors, but somewhat more active than I have seen them.  I think they too know that spring is in the air, and soon they will be able to spend some time outdoors.

   For those looking for an overview of the zoo, the Skyfarrie ride was not yet up and running, but I am sure it will be soon, what with the shift in weather.  But oblivious to the cooler air, was the Polar bears, who were entertaining everyone swimming around in the outdoor pool area.  Until you see a Polar Bear swimming next to the glass with a child’s face pressed up against it, you may fail to realize just how big one of these bears really is.  I don’t think I would ever want to try petting one.  I don’t care how tame they say he is.  I’m staying on the other side of the fence or glass barrier.

   During our visit, we went to the Desert Dome, Creatures of the Night (below the Desert Dome), the outdoor Bear area, Madagascar, and the Aquarium.  So we only missed out that day on seeing, Pakaderm Hill, the Sea Lions, Butterfly House, Lied Jungle, Mutual Pavillion exhibit, The Cat House, the children’s Dairy Petting Farm, the Giraffe Barn, the Orangutans,  and a few other smaller exhibits that we normally visit in the summer months.

   So, if you’re looking to get outdoors, but have some great indoor area’s to go as well, head on over to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  Everyone’s waiting to see you!


   You might think you have to head to the mountains to see a herd or even a single Elk roaming around.  If however you take a little safari to the Henry Doorly Zoofari, you will see Elk, and much more.  So if you happen to be in Omaha, or perhaps Lincoln Nebraska, take a short drive down I-80 to the zoo’s outdoor drive through safari in the midlands.

Elk in Nebraska

IMG_4653Elk in Nebraska