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  Sorry to say that I have not been to the Zoo within the last couple months.  Spring cleaning, lawn preparation, and a new deck project, have really been taking up too much time.  I am hoping to perhaps get away within the next weekend or two for a visit to Henry Doorly.  

   What with spring ending and summer warming up, it is a perfect time to take a walk around the Zoo.  All the animals will be outdoors this time of year, and perhaps we will get a chance to spot a few new additions at the Zoo.  It is after all, Spring / Summer time and I am sure we are bound to spot at least a couple new baby animals here or there. 

   So for some, it’s Spring fever time in the midlands.  For me, I think it is more like Zoo fever time, as the last time we visited, it was just after the snow had melted!

   See you at the Henry Doorly Zoo!


Wolves run loose at the Zoo.

Found roaming loose among the tree in the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo’s Outdoor Safari, you will find Wild Wolfs running loose.   Ok, loose within the confines of a very tall fence, which upon seeing them, you should be happy about.  These may look like a friendly neighborhood puppy, but don’t be fooled.  These are still wild animals, and there is a very tall fence there for a reason.


Wolf runs loose at the Zoo....kind of.....

Wolf runs loose at the Zoo....kind of.....