Below the glittering Desert Dome lies the Creatures of the night.   The sights within the glass dome, though large and lit by the brightness of day, hide a hidden treat below.   The rock face cliffs within the center of the dome contain beneath a secret.  The high ceiling hides below a deep and dark cave system, just waiting to be explored.  Once you have traversed the pathway leading you around and through the desert sights, you reach the stairway to darkness. 

Traversing the stairs downward, you enter a world populated by creatures normally only seen during the night.  Upon entry you will have a chance to go spelunking through an underground cave system complete with underground running rivers, deep pools, stalactites, stalagmites, and a host of interesting creatures.   Some of the animals you will find walking, others take flight into the night, only inches from hair, which may be bristling on the back of your neck.  Don’t be to worried though, as there is a thin net separating you from a new hairdo.  Don’t touch, as there might just be something on the other side with sharp teeth. 

Leaving the caves, you enter a dark swamp area, complete with a group of shiny eyes, peeking out from the waters surrounding the old wooden boardwalk.  Look close, because the eyes you see, may just be the glister of white and pointy teeth belonging to some larger reptilian friends.   Also to be found are some famous flat tailed, large toothed, friends, who just love to build dams that only a structural engineer could really appreciate for just how hard they are to tear down.  The sounds of the night also prevail throughout the swap, complete with chirps, clicks, and the eerie deep base of a choris of Bull Frogs.

I realize, that your time may be limited when visiting, so my best advise is to come early and stay late.   The second best advice is to come back again.