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2022 and we are still here.

Well, welcome to 2022 and yes, thanks to Covid we are still limited on safe things we can do. Unless of course you are outside and able to socially distance. Well, it just so happens that Omaha has just the place for you. Yes, it’s the Henry Doorly Zoo, of course. There is plenty of room to social distance and still have a great time at the Henry Doorly Zoo. So, what do you do if the indoor exhibits, such as the Lied Jungle, Desert Dome, Aquarium, Butterfly Pavilion, Primate (Gorilla Valley) building, or even the large Imax sized movie theater, happen to be a little too busy for you? Well, you can always take in the outdoor sites (weather permitting of course) and go see the Giraffe, Rhino, Ostrich area, or perhaps the Elephant habitat area. Or perhaps you might go see the new Sea Lion outdoor exhibit, with underwater viewing area. Then again, you could always hike up into the Asian Highlands where you will find Sloth Bears, Tigers, Snow Leopards, Takin & Goral’s, Indian Rhino’s, Tufted Deer, and Red Pandas. While a few of the outdoor animals are hiding indoors in really cold weather, you will find that many can still be found outdoors enjoying the cooler weather. Plus, on a sunny day, expect to see a few lions up on the Lion’s Pride & Habitat, Cheetah and Sable Antelope area.

So, do make plans to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo, even if it’s not summer, because there are plenty of things to see and do year-round, at the zoo. If you are looking for me, I’ll be the one with a camera in hand.

Though the curse of Covid has kept us away from Henry Doorly Zoo, we still renewed our membership knowing we would likely not be visiting, which turned out to sadly be true. Regardless, we know that memberships helps in making sure the zoo will still be there to visit, once we can once again feel more free to roam around amongst all the others who too enjoy visiting all the creatures to be found at the Henry Doorly Zoo. For now all I can do is post a few photo’s from the previous year, as 2020 was a bust for us all in so many ways. Here is hoping that 2021 will be a much better year for all.