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Lions & Lions and Lions

We are looking forward to getting back to the Zoo again this spring.  Last summer we had a great time over by Lion Hill.  Well, that’s what we call it anyway.  You really get to get up close and personal with the Lions in there new outdoor setting.  They seem so much happier when they have room to walk around.  So much better than the standard in-door cage type of display, where you will see a lion pacing back and forth, back and forth, through out the day.  Here, they look so much more at ease.  yet, you are in a completely safe setting for viewing.  If you have not seen the new Lion area, located up on what used to be the Rhino area at the far north east corner of the zoo.

So, once spring arrives, or maybe even before, it time to head back to Henry Doorly.



It’s a Year Round Zoo!

January in Omaha can mean snow and temperatures down well below freezing into the single digits or lower.  But, also in Omaha in January, you can visit an African or Asian Jungle full of plant life and animals.   One big advantage of winter time, is the sun is not as high in the sky and sets earlier in the afternoon.  What this means is you have a chance to see some of the more active nighttime animals being well, more active!

Just remember, in the Jungle, there is no glass, no nets, no screens between you and some fruit loving friends!  Enjoy the Zoo!