Looking Down

Going below ground, under the Desert Dome, you enter the kingdom of the “Creatures of the Night”.  In this underground labyrinth one of the treats awaiting you are some of our non-feathered flying creatures. 

 On the left one of our furry freinds keeps on eye on us.Just Hanging around.


 Here on the right a large fruit bat looks pretty comfortable, but he too keeps a close eye on all visitors.




Though most of the winged mammals are found under the dome, you can spot another member within the Lied Jungle.  These little blood drinking animals are the things nightmares have been written about.

Vampires on the loose

 Yes, Vampires are alive and well within the boundries of the Omaha Henry Doory Zoo.

 Bats in Flight



  Meanwhile back under the Glass Desert Dome, within the boundries of the Creatures of the Night, you will walk up to what appears to be fish netting.  But in this case, the nets are not to catch anything, but rather to present a boundry between you and what appears to be hundrends of bats flying loose only inches away.  I would recommend that you not touch the net, as the bats just might think you’re there to feed them.   Finger food anyone?