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On this day in late September, it was a raining wet day, but we did get a break in the rain in the afternoon.  Walking down toward the new Elephant area, you walk right by the Meerkat exhibit.  You do get a chance for a nice very close up as well.  You can see the elephant area looked just a bit muddy, but the elephants didn’t seem to mind.

The steam engine train was still running in spite of a little wet weather.  The zoo stations crossing guards, apparently as they cannot trust people not to try and cross, even when the gates come down.

If you do ride the train, you will get to ride right next to the new Safari camping area.  Where for a fee, you can spend the night right next to the Lion Exhibit.  Yes you will definitely hear them Roar in the evening.  Sleep well!


First I must admit that I altered this Lemur photo I took at the Zoo’s Madagascar exhibit.  Any of you who have taken the family to see “Madagascar”, I am sure will still recognise the number one aid to King Julien.  His eyes are not really this big, and neither is his claws.  But you have to stay indoors long enough to let your eyes fully adjust if you are going to see him.   He is really more of a night person, so they have his room dark during the day and light at night, so you have a better chance of seeing him moving around inside the exhibit.  If you really want to see what he looks like for real, you are just going to have to come to the Henry Doorly Zoo and see for yourself.